Cultural diversity

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Le marché des étoiles – Culture populaire et mondialisation: "Une première bible de la diversité culturelle"

Peter S. Grant et Chris Wood, les Éditions du Boréal, 598 pages, 18 février 2004 - 2004/02/18

"Why is it important to protect minority cultures and alternative voices throughout the world? What distinguishes the books, films, television programs and other products that can be bought and sold? Why can’t standard market and trade regulations be applied to these “cultural products”? What measures can be taken to increase cultural diversity without compromising freedom of expression?” These are some of the questions that  “this new book on the globalization of popular culture and the harmful effects of the American hegemony in this sector” attempts to answer. Published simultaneously in French by Éditions du Boréal and in English by Douglas & McIntyre, this work, entitled, Blockbusters and Trade Wars – Popular Culture in a Globalized World, is considered “the first bible for cultural diversity”. Written by Peter S. Grant, a communications law specialist, and Chris Wood, a journalist and desk officer for Maclean’s magazine, this book is truly a “plea for cultural diversity in the world, at a time when WTO Member States are discussing the possibility of subjecting the cultural market to free competition.” To this end, the book attempts to show that “Public policies can lead to positive results for regulating the cultural sector, rather than commercial markets left to their own devices.” In the book’s preface, Mr. Pierre Curzi, President of the Union des Artists and Co-Chair of the Canadian Coalition for Cultural Diversity, maintains that “this essential debate on cultural diversity does not merely concern the cultural sectors, but all citizens, and this book is an excellent way to understand its challenges.”. (Available in French only)