Cultural diversity

Publications and Studies

Les aides publiques européennes au cinéma et à l’audiovisuel pour la promotion de la diversité culturelle

IRIS plus, Observations juridiques de l’Observatoire européen de l’audiovisuel, Édition 2003-6, Strasbourg, juin 2003 - 2003/06

The study entitled “European Public Film Support within the WTO Framework” aims to clarify the debate on public support for the promotion of cultural diversity and a competitive European film and programming industry. Specifically, it seeks to describe systematically the areas where public support and the WTO regulatory framework intertwine through several articles that discuss the compatibility of film support policy with the GATT and GATS rules. It discusses that as part of the public consultation concerning the review of the “Television without Frontiers” Directive, various measures designed to support TV program production are under scrutiny, and that regarding film support, the European Commission has set itself the goal of preparing a new programme that will partially replace the MEDIA Plus Programme, which expires in 2006. However, Europeans are also currently faced with a complicated situation in that various states have called for audiovisual services to be made subject to WTO regulations, while one of the stated objectives is for the possibility of potentially anti-competitive effects of the various support programmes to be recognised and reduced. Nonetheless, the European Union has already taken a stance through statements made by the Commission and Parliament that the EU does not plan to enter into any commitments in the audiovisual sector. (Available in English and French)