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‘Partnerships on the Move’ - International conference on the development of cultural industries

The Global Alliance , UNESCO, September 12–13, 2005 – 2005/09/12-13

The Global Alliance international conference ‘Partnerships on the Move’ took place in Paris, 12 – 13 September 2005 (See our Newsletter no. 24, July 25, 2005). The conference, inaugurated by the Director General of UNESCO, Koïchiro Matsuura, was also a chance for the participants—members of the Global Alliance, companies, representatives from civil society, government organizations and national delegations to UNESCO, as well as a wide range of other actors involved in cultural industries and the press—to take stock of the achievements of the Global Alliance and develop new plans for the future.

The conference addressed the development of cultural industries and creative cities through four main round table themes: From creation to distribution - forging the chain of skills: this panel discussion 1 aimed to show how vital it is to recognize the interdependence of public and private stakeholders in any strategy to promote cultural industries as a vehicle for economic and social development. In this context, the participants examined how strategic partnerships between these links in the creative chain can contribute to the adoption and implementation of appropriate sectoral policies and initiatives that are capable of stimulating a suitable environment for the development of small and medium-sized cultural enterprises.

In panel discussion 2: Stimulate and diversify markets – the role of businesses, participants postulated that businesses play a pivotal role in the creation and development of markets.. They analyzed how to contribute to a more diverse and equitable offering of cultural goods and services; how to promote professionalization and stimulate a culture of “entrepreneurship” in order to ensure cultural sector competitiveness in developing countries; and how businesses in the North can use their expertise, resources, and skills to contribute effectively to achieving these objectives in the framework of the Global Alliance.

In p anel discussion 3: Fostering respect for rights – piracy prevention , the panelists stressed the importance of protecting intellectual property and preventing piracy as indispensable measures for boosting creativity and developing sustainable cultural industries. They recognized that the protection of intellectual property rights and the prevention of piracy are key factors in the growth of cultural industries. In this context, they examined how the combined efforts of industry, governments and professional organizations, as promoted by the Global Alliance, can raise public awareness about the issues and fight effectively against piracy.

Panel discussion 4 was centered on Creative cities : Sharing know-how at the local level. By launching the Creative Cities Network in the fields of literature, cinema, music, folk art, design, media arts and gastronomy, the Global Alliance seeks to harness the creative, social and economic potential of cultural industries at a local level. In this regard, the panelists analyzed how such a network of cities in developed and developing countries can promote the sharing of knowledge and best practices among small and medium-sized enterprises and local authorities on an international level, and what the Network’s impact will be on worldwide recognition of these cities. [05-27]