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Canal+ et les majors américaines: Une vision désenchantée du cinéma-monde

Josepha Laroche et Alexandre Bohas, Paris, Éditions Pepper, Collection Chaos International, 272 pages, septembre 2005 – 2005/09

“Does the creation of a film industry with standardized content broadcast around the world—the emergence of a world cinema—really mean an Americanization of film goods?” That’s the question this work aims to answer as public authorities continue to discuss the institutional financing of French cinema. Authors Josepha Laroche and Alexandre Bohas, both professors at the Department of Political Science at Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne, together with author André Rousselet, founder of Canal+, analyze the upheavals occurring in the audiovisual industry in France and the threats to the “cultural exception.” They maintain that with the U.S. majors now dominating the world film market, it is becoming difficult to preserve a specific system of financing in France that’s distinct from the logic of Hollywood industries. [05-26]