Cultural diversity

Publications and Studies

Révolution numérique et industries culturelles, by Philippe Chantepie & Alain Le Diberder - Paris, La Découverte, Collection Repères , 2005

This book presents the main aspects of the digital revolution and the manner in which they blend to the economic and normative process within globalization. The analysis identifies the consequences of such changes on the content industries, emphasizing certain cultural industry sectors. In the presentation note, written by the anthropologist Anne-Marie Robert, she asserts that cultural industries are, in many ways, content industries and therefore they do feel the effects of the new technology developments at different levels. Each sector will be submitted to the effects of numbers with respect to its own existence. Thus the proper characteristics of the new digital paradigm are in turn explained along with its consequences on the sectors of discs, television, cinema and video games in the light of each sector’s peculiarities.

An economic analysis of the developments generated by digital production and management is then presented, allowing to fully appreciating the extensiveness of the changes on offer and demand, for distributors and consumers. The authors also demonstrate the challenges linked to the ruling of digital communications and notably the questions submitted by the internationalization of regulations – facing the limits of national sectorial regulations, by the growing interdependence of different sectors, the right of intellectual and artistic property and the competition right in such a context. The authors conclude by recalling strategies and tendencies observed in this time of digital change and all in all, put to advantage their concrete experience of the phenomenon to explain its showings.