Cultural diversity

Publications and Studies

“De la culture en Amérique” by Frédéric Martel – November 2006

Gallimard has recently published “De la culture en Amérique” by Frédéric Martel. The work describes the cultural system and political culture of the United States. The author’s investigations reveal “a complex and global system … that is extremely efficient and entirely unknown in Europe.” According to Martel, “this cultural model dominates the modern world because it is more participatory than we think it is and less dominated by money that people say it is. By constantly evolving and adapting to the modern world, it has created what can only be described as a cultural system of massive proportions.” He also notes that “Only by taking full account of this system can we truly understand the ‘American cultural exception.’ It includes a large number of charities, countless indirect public subsidies, thousands of foundations, active Black and Latino communities, and an undeniable cultural diversity.” To learn more, visit the author’s website or go to Éditions Gallimard’s site.