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The UNESCO Courier — Special Issue on General Conference – 2007, No. 8

The latest edition of the UNESCO Courier entitled “UNESCO: a Will and a Way” has just been published. It contains a special look at some of the organization's future priorities.

Jasmina Šopova's editorial outlines the issue's contents. First, “in an interview, the director general of UNESCO, Koïchiro Matsuura, shares his thoughts about the organization's role in the reform of the United Nations, and underlines Africa and gender equality as priorities that concern all sectors of UNESCO.”

The UNESCO Courier then takes a look at culture, illustrated by the article “Cultures travel with humanity,” which highlights the importance that UNESCO accords to cultural diversity and intercultural dialog. Another article entitled “Water, an obvious priority” looks at the natural sciences, stressing the importance of education and furthering knowledge about this crucial resource.

Then, in an interview, new assistant director general for education Nicholas Burnett puts forward his vision of the organization's mission to promote education.

The article, entitled “Towards inclusive knowledge societies,” describes the communication and information sector, highlighting freedom of expression and the ways in which new technologies contribute to safeguarding knowledge and sharing information. “Making room for dialog,” an article on the social and human sciences sector, defines capacity building as the sector's No. 1 goal.

Features in this latest UNESCO Courier include a chronology of sessions of the general conference since 1946, excerpts from the “60 Years of UNESCO” (2005) international symposium, extracts from previous Courier general conference articles, and a closer look at the organization's budget.