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“ Internet: un séisme dans la culture? ”, by Marc Le Glatin – June 2007

In a new book published by Éditions de l'attribut— Internet: un séisme dans la culture?— author Marc Le Glatin looks at the impact of the Internet on culture.

“With the global spread of the Internet, we need to prepare for a veritable economic, political, and cultural revolution.” So begins the introduction to this new book on the Éditions de l'attribut website.

“What will be the cultural practices of tomorrow as Internet users impose a participatory model on the World Wide Web? Will the Internet strengthen cultural diversity at the expense of mass market cultural products? Will marketing strategies be invalidated by the desire for discovery and for sharing cultural works? Will the figure of the demiurgic creator withstand collective endeavors? These are some of the questions raised in this essay.”

In the conclusion to the introduction, Éditions de l'attribut notes a crucial reflection the author shares with readers: “Made fragile by their insatiable appetite for profit, the cultural industry majors hesitate between control and adaptation. Yet in the face of the inevitable spread of downloading, mutualization seems the only plausible scenario for preserving the Internet user's freedom while ensuring remuneration for artists. Such a scenario must be backed by ambitious public cultural policies (territorial, national, and international) that act to neutralize liberticidal initiatives.”

You can download an excerpt from Éditions de l'attribut (French only). We invite you to have a look.