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Creative Industries and Developing Countries: Voice, Choice, and Economic Growth, edited by Diana Barrowclough and Zeljka Kozul-Wright – 2007/07/08

“Creative Industries and Developing Countries: Voice, Choice and Economic Growth,” edited by Diana Barrowclough and Zeljka Kozul-Wright, was recently published by Routledge.

“How can culture and the market be married in a way that is favorable to developing countries?” The publisher’s response: “This book pushes the frontiers of the new development paradigm by arguing that developing countries can use their creative assets and energies as a source of economic growth—if they can better position themselves in the global economy.” This work, stresses the publisher, “turns on its head the polarized debate about commerce and culture, by taking a fresh look at some traditional activities whose intrinsic cultural value has for too long hidden their economic worth. By bringing together new theoretical ideas, country case-studies, and policy analysis, this book aims to show how developing countries can benefit from the emerging opportunities in global creative industries.”

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