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Mondialisation et diversité culturelle - Report no. 6 ─ April-May 2007

This report by Bruno Hérault from Centre d’analyse stratégique continues the analysis presented by Yudhishthir Raj Isar, Jean Monnet professor at the American University of Paris; Hélène Ruiz Fabri, professor of public law at Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne; Alain Le Diberder, General Manager of Buzz2Buzz; and Philippe Bouquillion, professor of information and communication sciences at Université Paris VIII during the 6th Rendez-vous de la mondialisation on March 20, 2007.

This sixth edition of Rendez-vous de la mondialisation was organized by Centre d’analyse stratégique (an organization under the direction of the French prime minister) and CEPII (Centre d’études prospectives et d’informations internationales). In March 2006, Centre d’analyse stratégique decided to join forces with CEPII to create Groupe d’analyses de la mondialisation. The group’s mission was to hold special meetings on all aspects of globalization in order to spur public debate and shed light on political decision-making. Click here for the latest Mondialisation et diversité culturelle report. (Available in French only)