Cultural diversity

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Gauging culture: Using global indicators to study worldwide trends─ May 2007

Laboratoire d’étude sur les politiques publiques et la mondialisation at ENAP, Québec’s school of public administration, has announced the online publication of a new status report on culture entitled “Prendre la mesure de la culture : Des indicateurs globaux pour évaluer les phénomènes mondiaux.”

In the introduction to the report, the laboratory points out that cultural policies in some states attempt to address issues that are becoming increasingly complex due to the pressures of globalization. It also stresses that access to precise data on cultural industries, activities, and challenges is vital to policy formulation. The report attempts to judge the usefulness of developing a system of indicators to measure culture and cultural industries in order to help shape public policy. The authors examine the underlying goals of these tools and the methods used by governments and international organizations to evaluate the vitality of the cultural sector, and highlight the specific challenges of working with cultural statistics. Click here to consult the document (in French only).