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The European Agenda for Culture: involving civil society

The European Commission notes that last November the culture ministers of the EU Member States endorsed the European Agenda for Culture on the basis of the communication presented by the Commission in May 2007. This first-ever Agenda for Culture in Europe “launches a new era in the way Member States, European institutions, and cultural stakeholders work together in order to respond to some of the major challenges faced by the cultural sector.”

The Commission report states that three major objectives for the common work of these stakeholders have been identified: promotion of cultural diversity and intercultural dialog, promotion of culture as a catalyst for creativity in the framework of the Lisbon Strategy, and promotion of culture as a vital element in EU external relations. “In order to tackle these objectives, this new policy strategy introduces a more structured system of cooperation among the Member States and the EU institutions: the ‘open method of coordination’ (OMC).”

In this new context, the Commission organized an information session on February 19 in Brussels. “Participants had the opportunity to find out more about the OMC in the area of culture as well as the way the European cultural sector—ranging from individual artists and performers to creative and cultural industries—can contribute to this new policy strategy for culture.”

A web streaming of the event is available at: