Cultural diversity

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L’Identité: une question de langue? Caen seminar proceedings (2006), published by Jean Renaud

The book L’Identité: une question de langue? was released by Caen University Press in 2008. Published by Jean Renaud, the work brings together the proceedings of a seminar held in Caen in 2006.

The publishing house introduces the book as follows: “As a rapidly changing Europe feels the effects of globalization, it is only natural to consider the ties that bind language and identity. There are many approaches to the subject, be they linguistic, literary, political, or cultural. It is in this multidisciplinary spirit that the studies collected here focus for the most part on Nordic countries whose interwoven histories have constantly brought to the fore this crucial duality and in which the language issue remains of the utmost importance.”

To find out more and to learn how to purchase the book, please visit the Caen University Press website.