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European Audiovisual Observatory announces publication of the third volume of its Yearbook 2008, entitled “Film and Home Video”

The European Audiovisual Observatory has announced the publication of the third volume of its Yearbook 2008. This third volume, entitled “Film and Home Video”, represents an essential source of information on the market and analysis of the entire film industry chain, including production, DVDs, VoD, distribution, and marketing. It covers 36 European countries as well as Japan and the United States.

This volume includes a new overview and a special section on digital film, a list of Europe’s 50 most-viewed films, country-by-country statistics on films produced, and market shares of European films and distributors. It also outlines the evolution of VoD services in Europe.

The first volume of Yearbook 2008, entitled “Television in 36 European States”, was mentioned in our December 8 News Bulletin. Volume 2, entitled “Trends in European Television”, is scheduled for release in February 2009.