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Comments on the impact of CARIFORUM-EU EPA on the Caribbean creative sector

The latest edition of Trade Negotiations Insight, now available on the International Center for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD) website, includes two articles on the CARIFORUM-EUROPEAN UNION Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).

In an article entitled “As EPA ink dries, what’s next for our creative sectors in the Caribbean?,” author Josanne Leonard, Director of Miribai Communications, Consultant and Chair of the Caribbean Creative Industries Business Forum, “attempts to highlight some of the EPA text on the Protocol on Cultural Cooperation, with a focus on the implications for the region’s cultural industries and entertainment sectors.” The article is available on the ICTSD website.

In the second text, “Expanding trade flows of cultural goods and services,” Edna dos Santos Duisenburg states that “despite their abundance of creative talents and rich cultural assets, developing countries—including the ACP (Africa, Caribbean, Pacific)—are not yet benefiting from the huge potential of their creative industries to promote economic growth, job creation, social inclusion, and export earnings [...]. But this situation has the potential to be improved and all opportunities to do so should be seized. The EPA is one such opportunity.” While the author is chief of the Creative Economy Program at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), she writes the article as an independent author. The article is available on the ICTSD website.