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Culturelink devotes a special edition of its newsletter to digital culture

The March edition of the C-News Newsletter published by Culturelink will focus on the virtual resources of digital culture. According to the newsletter, “Digital culture has spurred a whole array of new possibilities for innovative approaches and practices in the cultural sector. The concepts of creativity and innovation as underlying theme of the European Commission's current focus are largely redefined by the means and mediums of digital culture. Throughout recent years, Culturelink has been continuously dedicated to researching the phenomena of digital culture and how they have changed the reality of the cultural sector. The examination of the changes brought about by the new context of the interactive and participatory Internet and the responses of the cultural sector to them proposed an analytical ground for an investigation of digital culture's positioning within the cultural policies' structures.”

The results of Culturelink's activities in this research stream have been a number of publications and round tables, the contents of which are available through the Newsletter.