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Creative Industries Switzerland: Facts.Models.Culture

The Culturelink Network has announced the recent publication of a book entitled Creative Industries Switzerland: facts.models.culture by Christoph Weckerle, Manfred Gerig, and Michael Söndermann (Zurich University of the Arts/Birkhäuser).

According to the website, the book “provides a greatly needed overview of the concepts and specific characteristics of this sector. It analyzes the international discourse, presents up-to-date empirical-statistical Europe-wide analyses, derives models and draws conclusions for the current debate in Switzerland, and places special emphasis on the innovative potential of the creative scene and its dynamics for the entire creative industry.

“Policy makers at all levels are discovering the notion of creative industries: the music industry, literature and book market, art market, film and television industries, performing arts, design, architecture, advertising, software/computer games—from economic and innovation strategies to education policy and urban development, the creative industries are being described as a model for success.”

The publication addresses individuals who wish to familiarize themselves with the creative industries on a strategic-political level, who want to deepen their knowledge, or who are active in developing means of funding.