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Médias et sociétés : édition, presse, cinéma, radio, télévision, Internet, by Francis Balle

Les Éditions Montchrestien in Paris recently published Médias et sociétés : édition, presse, cinéma, radio, télévision, Internet. This overview of the history and development of various media and the laws that govern them discusses their position, role, and impact in contemporary society.

The publisher states that this 840 page work “disrupts the media landscape: printed books and newspapers fear for their future; radio and television are already building on digital networks and terminals; movies and software are now as readily available online as music.

“For news and entertainment, communication and education, cultural creation and diversity, a new era has begun under the combined impact of the digital revolution and economic globalization. Which rules are the media—old and new—following? How are they influencing individuals, communities, international life? Can they help ‘civilize’ the global village? Today, the media are among the best tools for observing and understanding the world we live in. By dismissing those who denounce the rampant Americanization of culture and those who laud multiculturalism, this book offers a different perspective on relations between the media and the communities that make up society. Reworked and updated, the 14th edition of Médias et sociétés answers each of these questions.”

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