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French cultural practices in the digital age: an exclusive investigation

Since the 1970s, the Pratiques culturelles investigation by France’s Ministry of Culture and Communication has been the benchmark for French behavior in the field of culture and media. The ministry notes on its website:

“More than ten years after the findings of 1997, 2008 findings reveal the effects of a decade of change due to the rise in digital culture and the Internet. The work by Olivier Donnat, a sociologist at the Studies, Forecasting, and Statistical Branch (DEPS) of France’s Ministry of Culture and Communication, presented on October 14 therefore casts new light on cultural practices in France in the digital age.

“The investigation measures the influence of this new way to access culture over consumption of old media (television, radio, the press) and traditional cultural practices. How are reading books, listening to music, and practicing amateur artistic activities faring? Are more or fewer people going to cinemas, theaters, or concert halls and have their profiles changed? ...

Les pratiques culturelles des Français à l’ère numérique delivers results by sector for television, music, books and the press, cultural outings and visits, as well as amateur activities. The study consistently highlights continuity and breaks within a digital culture that is very present in the everyday lives of younger generations.”

The 2008 investigation drew on a sample of 5,000 individuals who were representative of teenagers age 15 years and older living in metropolitan France. The document is for sale in bookstores.