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Principal Statistics on Culture and Communications in Québec

The 2009 edition of Statistiques principales de la culture et des communications au Québec (Principal Statistics on Culture and Communications in Québec) paints a statistical portrait of the main activities in most fields of cultural activity in Québec, and of cultural spending and culture occupations. Regular readers of the publication will find the usual tables, updated and, in some cases, more detailed. According to the press release introducing the publication:

“This edition contains data on trends in the sales of sound recordings (albums, digital titles, music DVDs, etc.) in Québec between 2005 and 2008. Sales of digital albums purchased on the Internet accounted for 0.5% of album sales in 2005 and for 4.2% in 2008. In addition, during the same period, annual sales of digital titles purchased on the Internet saw an unquestionable increase, going from 708,200 to 4,108,200 titles.

“Among the other data updated were statistics on performing arts, libraries, books, radio and TV stations, attendance of museum institutions, and government spending on culture. The publication also includes the top exhibitions of the large national museums, music albums, books, and films.”

The document is published by Observatoire de la culture et des communications du Québec (OCCQ) and Institut de la statistique du Québec. It may be consulted on the OCCQ website.