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Cultural practices and consumption in the French Community of Belgium

“Pratiques et consommation culturelles en Communauté française” presents the main findings of a general survey of cultural practices and consumption in the French Community of Belgium. Here’s how CRISP (Centre de recherche et d’information socio-politiques) describes the document:

“This survey allows us to draw a transversal, coherent, and evolving portrait of French-language consumer culture by making comparisons with a similar study from 1985.
“Society has changed in the last 20 years. Globalization has brought about a sea change in behavior, and culture has also changed in terms of content and form. The language of culture has become more diverse, amateurs have become increasingly involved in artistic disciplines, and new technologies have given rise to new cultural behavior.

“The survey also takes stock of the democratization of culture, one of the main cultural policy objectives. But “leisure” includes many activities that go beyond public consumption and ‘highbrow’ culture. That’s why the survey also takes into account other activities from the period in question, like sports, social outings, family walks, and online instant messaging.”

The document is available through CRISP.