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Transcultural Americas/Amériques Transculturelles

This book, which was edited by Afef Benessaieh and recently published by University of Ottawa Press, is an exploration of the complex cultural identities found throughout the Americas.

According to the University of Ottawa Press catalogue, “Transculturality is a new way of viewing culture that sees cultures not as separate islands that are easily differentiated from one another, but as connected and interacting webs of meaning and practice. The Americas in particular offer many examples of transcultural identities that do not fit easily into one national or ethnic mold: Chicanos, Franco-Ontarians, Creoles, and second and third generation immigrants. From Quebec to Argentina, Transcultural Americas explores these identities which create themselves in a space between sameness and difference.”

Afef Benessaieh is professor of International Studies at the Télé-université (TÉLUQ) of the
University of Quebec in Montreal. She is the editor of Canada and the Americas (Antares, 2008).

For more information or to order the book, visit the Centre d’étude sur l’intégration et la mondialisation (CEIM) website.