Cultural diversity

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Cultural diversity and international trade law

Penned by Lilian Richieri-Hanania of Centre d’études et de recherches internationales et communautaires (CERIC), the study entitled “Diversité culturelle et droit international du commerce” (Cultural Diversity and International Trade Law) provides an overview of the cultural products and services market and stresses the trade imbalance between them.

“Cultural products and services have particular features since they are both cultural and economic. These features often lead to a specific market structure, in which a small number of businesses holds a maximum of intellectual property rights and promises only a minimum of hits. Moreover, the author of this study notes that public measures to help culture may be incompatible with a large number of international trade treaties, be they multilateral (WTO), regional, or bilateral,” says the publisher. “The emergence of cultural diversity as a concept applied to the cultural products and services trade may act as a counterweight by strengthening state and international action in favor of a diversified range of cultural products and services. Solutions based on this concept that reflect the need for special legal treatment for these products and services are proposed according to three interdependent areas of action outlined in this study.”