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IRIS plus and digital cinema

The European Audiovisual Observatory has published a special issue on public help for digital cinema as part of its IRIS plus series. The document is described in the following terms:

“The Lead Article takes a look at the legal questions raised by public support mechanisms aimed at facilitating the digitization of cinemas. It looks at the legal construction and problems of three different variants of national funding schemes and at the E.U. law with which these constructions eventually need to comply. It also describes two state-aid schemes that have already been approved by the E.U. Commission and a tax incentive scheme currently under investigation. Finally, the Lead Article points the way ahead by explaining ongoing policy and funding activities of the EU …

The Related Reporting supplements the information contained in the Lead Article and compares E.U. policy with the reality of promoting (or struggling with) digital cinema in various countries …

The Zoom section equips you with a solid understanding of the market of commercial digital cinema screens and sites by providing concrete figures on their developments in Europe and country by country.”

The 40 page document is available in English, French, and German. It may be ordered from the European Audiovisual Observatory.