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New study on trade balance of Québec’s cultural industries

Observatoire de la culture et des communications du Québec (OCCQ) has just published a new study entitled La balance commerciale québécoise de produits culturels : arts de la scène, cinéma et télévision et livre, 2006 et 2007.

According to the figures published by the OCCQ, Québec registered a $343 million trade deficit in 2007 in products in three cultural fields, i.e., the performing arts, film and television, and books. Québec imports of products in these three cultural fields surpassed exports in 2006 and 2007.

The OCCQ press release highlights three main points:

"Film and television products dominate trade

Exports of film and television products accounted for over three quarters of the cultural exports measured in the study and for almost two-thirds of the imports. Film and television imports were evaluated at $530 million and exports at $388 million in 2007. Performing arts had the weakest external trade results: imports estimated at $65 million and exports at $44 million. Nevertheless, compared to the size of each field, the trade balances in the performing arts and in film and television were similar. With exports of $77 million and imports of $257 million, the trade deficit in books was more pronounced than in the two other fields.

International trade more voluminous than interprovincial trade

Québec trades more with other countries than with the other Canadian provinces especially when it comes to imports. This result mirrors the overall situation in Québec, where two-thirds of all trade is with other countries.

Position of Québec’s production

Despite a large deficit, Québec holds it own. Québec-produced live entertainment shows and national television services and shows dominate the Québec market, the book market is shared equally between Québec publishers and publishers from outside Québec, and Québec-produced films have a stronger hold in Québec than do national films in some countries. In addition, according to various indices presented in the study, the proportion of activities outside Québec is between 10% and 20% depending on the indicator and the field."

The study is available in French on OCCQ’s site.