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Proceedings of the Funding Culture, Managing the Risk symposium

The proceedings of the Funding Culture, Managing the Risk symposium are now available on the UNESCO website.

In April 2010, UNESCO brought together experts in finance, development, research, and culture at a symposium entitled Funding Culture, Managing the Risk. The event was organized to share ideas on innovative approaches and strategies to improve cultural funding opportunities in developing countries. According to UNESCO:

"The two-day symposium, supported by the Government of Spain and held at the Organization's headquarters, was part of a series of events organized by UNESCO's Culture Sector aiming to catalyze new ideas and international action around the culture and development agenda.

Culture is a powerful driver of development, with great potential and impact for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals; with only five years before the deadline for their achievement, 2010 offers the international community critical opportunities to place the role of culture more centrally in development practices and policies.

This volume brings together presentations from leading experts and practitioners in the field and captures the dynamic exchanges of ideas and experiences. Included are the key messages of the symposium and the lead-up event, a global online discussion, as well as proposals on the way forward for the culture and development agenda."

The proceedings are available in French on the UNESCO website.