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"Culture and Development: Action and Impact"

Last December, as part of European Development Days, the European Commission and the Belgian Presidency launched a new publication, "Culture and Development: Action and Impact," spurred by the latest major achievements made in upgrading the cultural dimension within the EU development policy.

"The publication is a compilation of 24 cooperation actions undertaken in the cultural field in favour of the developing countries, among which the large majority of them stand as examples of best practices, i.e. projects with measurable impact on the socio-economic development of the communities concerned; and the remaining ones are examples of promising projects, interesting for their innovative approach but recently developed, the results of which are still to come.

To these it has been added also a brief overview of actions undertaken within the EU Member States, showing how funding from internal community instruments has been invested in projects related to culture giving evident results, particularly in terms of local and regional developments. In substance, the experiences presented in this booklet aim at highlighting the contribution and positive impact of culture in the development process.

All the projects included in the document have a heterogeneous nature and cover a large geographical area, going from Latin America, crossing the Mediterranean sea and the African continent, and stepping into the countries of Central and Eastern Asia.

By gathering examples from across different regions of the world that apply to various sectors of activities, means of intervention, results, objectives or budget, the current publication best illustrates the diverse range of possibilities for cooperation in the cultural filed. This form indeed a "corpus of experiences" that reveal the undisputed "binomium" Culture and Development, highlighting, at the same time, the future challenges that should be overcome to ensure tangible impacts of cultural cooperation actions" noted the press release on this topic.

This publication is the result of a joint effort and collaboration between the European Commission departments and the three successive presidencies of the EU: the Spanish Presidency, the Belgian Presidency, and the Hungarian Presidency .

This document is available in French, Dutch, and English on the Culture and creativity vectors for development website.