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Policies for creativity, guide to develop cultural and creative industries

Policies for creativity, guide to develop cultural and creative industries (Políticas para la creatividad, guía para el desarrollo de las industrias culturales y creativas) is a new tool developed by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) that presents in a concise, simple, and practical manner the fundamental ideas and concepts needed to develop and support a local creative economy movement. Although it was created as a reference and resource intended specifically for cultural practitioners, anyone interested in or called upon to work within this field will find it to be a comprehensive and useful policy development tool.

The guide covers the different stages of designing and implementing cultural and creative industry policies. It presents the concepts, theories, and practical references that are needed to go from general concepts and strategies of cultural and creative industry policy to implementation. The themes in the guide are covered from multiple angles, facilitating quick and easy access to the subject of interest. It also contains exercises, question and answer sections, case studies, worksheets, graphs, a full bibliography, and a glossary.

The guide is divided into three parts:

  • The first section contains suggestions on methodologies and recommendations in relation to policy planning in the cultural and creative industries.
  • The second section of the guide details the various areas of policy intervention. It covers aspects of the legal framework for the creative industries, training and education, funding and financial considerations, infrastructure and investment, competition and innovation, and market access and development.
  • The last part of the guide is a reference section with practical information and data. It includes an updated glossary, bibliography, and Web resources.

This guide represents a decade's worth of the most important and representative initiatives from around the world in the field of cultural and creative industry theory and policy development. It is the first of many tools being developed by UNESCO that aims to unite cultural practitioners around a common approach to culture and development.

This guide is currently available in Spanish on the UNESCO website.