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The International Co-Production Manual-the journey which is full of surprises

The International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts (IETM) and the Korea Arts Management Service (KAMS) just published a new manual for cultural operators and artists interested in cooperative ventures in Asia, in Europe, and between Asia and Europe.

The International Co-Production Manual - the journey which is full of surprises aims to explore and demystify the process of international co-production, to explain different models and mechanisms of co-production, and to spell out the benefits and challenges in this area.

The Manual consists of four main chapters:

  • "Introduction?Methodology" underscores the importance of identifying common ground between people of different cultures.
  • "The Manual" systematically describes the trends and methods of co-production. This chapter is divided into parts entitled: "Types of Co-Production," "Trends in International Co-Production," "Starting Points," "How to Build Experience and Capacity," "Phases of the Co-Production Process," "Contracts and Fees, "Communication," "Risks and Challenges," and "Advice and Suggestions."
  • "Case Studies" presents 15 different categories of co-production experiences and types such as Asia-Asia, Asia-Europe, and Europe-Europe projects.
  • "Research Resources" the final section of the Manual, defines various terms that are used differently by different producers and lists additional Asian and European cases. There are also a checklist and resource references for preparing international tours.

The International Co-Production Manual - the journey which is full of surprises can be downloaded for free from the IETM website.