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Pacific Cultural Mapping, Planning and Policy Toolkit

This Pacific Cultural Mapping, Planning and Policy Toolkit focuses on understanding culture in its broadest and most diverse forms as an asset or resource that can be valued and, when appropriate, mobilized to assist in achieving a variety of social, economic, and political goals.

The toolkit builds on the Cultural Mapping, Planning and Policy Workshop conducted for members of the Council for Pacific Arts and Culture in March 2010 at the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC) headquarters in Nouméa, New Caledonia. This workshop was the first activity of the "Structuring the Cultural Sector in the Pacific for Improved Human Development" project administered by the Human Development Program of SPC and funded by the European Commission.

This document is therefore a resource to be used to "structure the culture sector" in Pacific Island countries and territories. It draws on approaches from a variety of international models while attending to several issues and concerns relevant to the Pacific Island region specifically. Rather than providing a comprehensive overview of the cultural policy field, it is an open-ended resource for cultural policy consultants and workers who will fashion their own processes as needed to their local and national contexts.

The Toolkit can be downloaded from the SPC website.