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Cultural Policies in Australia

The work entitled Cultural Policies in Australia offers a profile of arts and cultural polices across all spheres of Australian government. It charts the development of federal and state cultural agencies, policy relating to all art forms, public and commercial media, indigenous affairs, heritage, education, training, and economic policy.

Cultural Policies in Australia also addresses major policy initiatives implemented in the field of culture, including the 1994 “Creative Nation” Commonwealth cultural policy, and includes overviews of major inquiries such as the Parallel Importation of Books, the Major Performing Arts Inquiry, and the Contemporary Visual Arts and Craft Inquiry.

The Australian cultural policy profile will also become part of WorldCP, a central online database of country-specific profiles of cultural policies modeled on the highly regarded Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe, which contains policy profiles of 41 European countries and Canada.

The work in question is available on the Australia Council for the Arts website.