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New Issues in Cultural Policy

Éditions La Découverte recently published in French the book New Issues in Cultural Policy (Les nouveaux enjeux des politiques culturelles).

This publication, co-authored by Jean-Pierre Saez, director of Observatoire des politiques culturelles de Grenoble, and Guy Saez, research director at PACTE, the multidisciplinary research unit at France's Centre national de la recherche scientifique (CNRS), and professor at Institut d'études politiques de Grenoble, is described as follows:

"The arts and cultural sector-which belongs both to the field of human endeavor and the realm of public and private actions-is undergoing major transformation today. Globalization, the impact of new production technologies, the ways that culture is distributed and consumed, the broadening and intermingling of art forms, and myriad other issues associated with the theme of cultural diversity are challenging those who work in the arts and those who study them.

This book divides contributions from young European researchers into three categories that are structure current debates and issues pertaining to culture, place, and society: the "metropolitan question" (how integrating cultural dimensions into urban development projects reframes the city-culture dialogue); the issue of territorial dynamics and Europeanization (how the intervention of diverse public actors and emergence of innovative cultural formats is transforming cultural policies); and the regulatory challenges arising from new technological, economic, and mediation models."

The book illustrates the richness and variety of European experience and thus serves as an excellent tool for understanding the contemporary permutations of cultural policies and the conditions that impact both cultural creation and distribution. All cultural actors-artists, civil servants, or other professionals-will find it invaluable."