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A report from the mission "Act 2 of the Cultural Exception": A contribution to cultural policies in the digital age

As reported in our September 10, 2012 newsletter, in August 2012 the Government of France assigned Pierre Lescure, former Canal+ CEO and director of Théâtre Marigny, to lead a mission on digital content and cultural policy in the digital age, known as "Act 2 of the Cultural Exception."

On May 13, Pierre Lescure submitted his report on cultural policy in the age of digital content to French President François Hollande and France’s Minister of Culture and Communication, Aurélie Filipetti. The report includes 80 suggestions regarding film, music, television, books, video games, and the Internet and its use.

Here are the main highlights of the Lescure report:

  1. Public access to online culture and cultural works
    1. Renew interest in cultural works by making digital versions more easily available.
    2. Encourage the development of a digital network of innovative, culture-oriented services that reflect cultural diversity.
    3. Provide an affordable, ergonomically appropriate selection of works that respects intellectual property rights.
  2. Compensation for content creators and funding for their works
    1. Guarantee that creators receive remuneration when their works are digitized.
    2. Increase the amounts that digital agents contribute toward funding such works.
    3. Support new forms of creativity and funding methods.
  3. Protection and adaptation of intellectual property rights
    1. Redirect the fight against piracy to focus on lucrative counterfeiting and alleviate the graduated response mechanism.
    2. Adapt intellectual property law to the use of digital media.
    3. Facilitate access to metadata.

To download the report, available in French, please consult the website of France’s Ministry of Culture and Communication.