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Report on Export and Internationalization Strategies for the Cultural and Creative Industries

In July 2012, the European Commission's Directorate General for Education and Culture asked the European Expert Network on Culture (EENC) to produce a commented mapping of strategies and bodies existing in European Union Member States to support the export and internationalization of goods and services in the cultural and creative industries, as well as contextual data on trends and export volumes, and a final analysis of the evidence presented.

The report lists approximately 100 publications, policy documents and evaluation reports from the past five years, as well as nearly 230 bodies involved in the export and internationalization strategies of cultural and creative industries, covering all E.U. Member States. It also identifies three key action areas where cooperation among European governments and agencies could be furthered, each including specific recommendations:

  • identifying and disseminating good practices;
  • building the knowledge and evidence base for cultural and creative industry exports;
  • fostering joined-up policy and investment to develop exports in cultural and creative industries.