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Mapping South: Journeys in South-South Cultural Relations

Commissioned by international arts organization The South Project, Mapping South: Journeys in South-South Cultural Relations is a publication that celebrates 10 years of cultural exchange and dialogue between arts practitioners from southern hemisphere countries.

Mapping South explores the South as a complex platform for regional identity and cultural provocation through essays, interviews and artworks by contributors from Australia and around the world. It interweaves visual and textual reflections on southern regions by artists, theorists, curators, designers and other cultural facilitators, as they explore such questions as What is the South? Is it a place, a voice or a perspective? A specific site or a mobile culture?

The commissioned works in the publication and accompanying online material reflect the diversity of cultural production across the South, emphasizing new ways of understanding global cultural diversity. Mapping South is both a reflection on The South Project’s cultural history, knowledge and creativity exchanges across the region, as well as a launching pad for new initiatives and an ambitious exploration of what it means to think from, through and ultimately about the South.

To download this publication, please consult the Mapping South website.