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Cultural profile for Algeria now available on the WorldCP website

The cultural profile for Algeria is now available on the website of WorldCP, an international database of cultural policies. The profile was written by Ammar Kessab and Makhlouf Boukrouh and edited by Rana Yazaji, founding member of Ettijahat Independent Culture, with the support of the European Cultural Foundation, Mimeta, Open Society Foundations, and the British Council.

As for all WorldCPprofiles, the report covers eight key areas of cultural policy:

  • Historical perspective: cultural policies and instruments
  • General objectives and principles of cultural policy
  • Competence, decision-making and administration
  • Current issues in cultural policy development and debate
  • Main legal provisions in the cultural field
  • Financing of culture
  • Main legal provisions in the cultural field
  • Promoting creativity and participation

These themes were developed by ERICarts and the Council of Europe in creating the Compendium of Cultural Policies and Trends in Europe.