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Three documentaries on IFCD-funded projects now available for viewing online

For some weeks brief documentary videos on three projects supported by the International Fund for Cultural Diversity (IFCD) have been available for viewing on the 2005 Convention for the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Culture Expressions website.

One documentary looks at a book market regulation and reading promotion project piloted by the Croatian NGO Knjižni Blok. A group of legal experts and economists were convened to map out the local publishing industry and discuss policy, legislation, and other publishing-related issues with government stakeholders. Knjižni Blok eventually plans to release and distribute project documents and engage in local, regional, and national promotional activities. It will also seek to boost the status of books in society and promote a culture of reading by using local media to bolster the image of books.

Another video examines a project by the Dakar-based NGO Kër Thiossane, designed to bring out and create performing arts opportunities while also seeking a rapprochement between traditional artistic practices and digital arts. The project also explores what new technologies might have to offer traditional arts in order to better incorporate the notion of development.

The third video presents a project to establish a vocational school of theatre arts and production in Argentina, led by the NGO Fundación Teatro Argentino de la Plata. IFCD funding was provided to set up a low-cost program to teach theatre and production techniques to young people and unemployed adults. Admission criteria for students had to be developed and procedures and courses for a one-year set design program established.

To watch the videos, go to the 2005 UNESCO Convention website.