Cultural diversity

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Quelle politique culturelle au service de la diversité?

Société civile des Auteurs-Réalisateurs-Producteurs (ARP)

Beaune (France), 25 octobre 2003 - 2003/10/25

One of the events at the 13th Rencontres Cinématographiques de Beaune was a panel discussion on the theme “QUELLE POLITIQUE CULTURELLE AU SERVICE DE LA DIVERSITÉ?” (Which Culture Policy for Diversity?) Panel members were Mr. Jean-Jacques Aillagon, France’s minister of culture and communications, Ms Milagros del Corral, UNESCO deputy assistant director for culture, and Ms Viviane Reding, European commissioner for education and culture. A preparatory document entitled “L'ÉTAT DU DÉBAT: CULTURE, COMMERCE DANS L’UNION EUROPÉENNE, À L'UNESCO ET L'OMC” (Culture and trade in the European Union, at UNESCO, and at WTO: the state of the issue) provided a starting point for panel members to debate the following issues: how to circumscribe the field of cultural policy and set objectives in a world transformed by new transmission technologies and economic globalization; how to reconcile national concerns with the dissemination of cultural works; determining which mechanisms of international cooperation are needed to maintain cultural diversity and allow for the creation of national works and a dialog of cultures. (Available in French only)