Cultural diversity

Publications and Studies

Cultural Diversity - Our Common Wealth. The Essen/RUHR.2010 Bellini Manual On Prospects of Cultural Diversity, published by the German Commission for UNESCO

From April 26 to 28, 2007, in Essen, Germany, the German Commission for UNESCO organized an international conference on the theme “Cultural Diversity— Europe 's Wealth. Bringing the UNESCO Convention to Life.” The Commission has published a book that includes the conference report, speeches made at the conference, and important documents on themes such as cinema, music, media policy, urban public space, North-South cooperation, and "U40 – Cultural Diversity 2030" program. Along with some general data and information, the final chapter features a list of organizations and documents related to cultural diversity. You can download the book (bilingual German-English edition) from the website of the German Commission for UNESCO.