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Study: Toward a Uruguayan Culture Satellite Account

Uruguay's Ministry of Education and Culture has just released the results of a study entitled Hacia una Cuenta Satélite en Cultura del Uruguay(Toward a Uruguayan Culture Satellite Account).

Measuring the economic impacts of culture has long been recognized as essential, and the Uruguayan government undertook concrete steps in that direction in creating the Ministry of Education and Culture's Creative Industries Department (DICREA) in 2007 with a mandate to develop and systematize cultural sector data. DICREA produced its culture satellite account in 2009 with the help of the Viví Cultura international cooperation project and the University of the Republic.

A culture satellite account may be described as a set of accounts using the methodological principles of national accounting (the System of National Accounts) to present economic parameters (supply and demand) relating to culture over a given period, such as in this case the year 2009. DICREA began by focusing on the audiovisual sector, music, books and publishing, performing arts (including theatre, dance, and live music), plastic and visual arts, museums and art galleries, libraries, and cultural education.

For the results of this study, see the Uruguayan Ministry of Education and Culture.