Cultural diversity

Cultural policies and measures - Best practices

Monitoring of cultural policies and practices in Senegal, Ethiopia, and Colombia

Two video series on how local policies dealing with the 2005 Convention and the involvement of civil society have unlocked the cultural potential of these countries were posted on the UNESCO website.

The first series presents testimonies on the impacts of new cultural policies in Senegal and Ethiopia. A diagnosis of the cultural sector mentions that the main difficulty identified is the lack of statistical data that would explain the contribution of the cultural industry and its progress in Senegal and Ethiopia.

The videos of these testimonies are available on the UNESCO website.

The second series focuses on the commitment of government players and civil society in Colombia to implement the Convention under the Enhancing Fundamental Freedoms Through the Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions project.

The video Making the Most of Colombia's Creative Potential is available in the original Spanish version on the UNESCO website.

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