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Mexico's National Council for Culture and the Arts announces new program

The president of Mexico's National Council for Culture and the Arts (Conaculta) has announced a new program for 2013–2015 designed to promote equal access to culture, incorporate new technology, and stimulate Mexican creative actors. It will be built around 5 strategies.

The first point in the program involves measures to ensure equity and social inclusiveness in all cultural actions. The idea was put forward that culture ought to buttress the government actions aimed at fostering social development, safety, and prevention. Another point deals with heritage and infrastructure protection through archaeological zones and museums, and another relates to modernizing infrastructure by integrating technology into various forms of expression. This point dovetails with another relating to the use of technology to promote universal access to culture. The plan also acknowledges the importance of the cultural sector to the Mexican economy–thus justifying the government's support for the cultural sector. The program will also promote cultural exchange, including through participation in international forums.   

The National Council for Culture and the Arts (Conaculta) was created to coordinate cultural and artistic policies, organizations, and agencies. It supports, sponsors, and promotes cultural and artistic events. It also serves as guarantor of artists' creative freedom while encouraging artistic expression from the country's various regions and social groups in order to promote, preserve, and enrich the artistic, cultural, and historical riches that constitute Mexico's heritage.


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