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In the Service of Young People? Studies and Reflections on Media in the Digital Age - 2006/09/19

"In the Service of Young People? Studies and Reflections on Media in the Digital Age" is the title of a UNESCO supported publication that was recently launched by the Nordic Information Centre for Media and Communication Research - Nordicom of Göteborg University Sweden. T his new publication assembles contributions by researchers from different parts of the world in order to shed light upon issues of vital importance that arise when dealing with a subject such as "media in the service of young people". The first part of the book contains many articles which exhibit theoretical visions and empirical examples of what constitutes and what does not constitute media and media contents in the service of children and youth. The researchers also reflect on measures of how to improve young people's media situation in the digital age.

The second part of the publication presents different kinds of efforts at raising media and information/Internet literacy among young people, parents, media educators and media professionals through examples of activities, projects, resources, and best practices with a focus on children's and young people's own media production as one of the more effective means to raise their level of knowledge and awareness.

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