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Angola - III Symposium on National Culture : " With peace, we can work for the development of Culture "- 2006/09/11

Angola 's III Symposium on National Culture will take place from September 11 to 16, in Luanda . The objectives of this Symposium are to create a reflection forum aimed at improving cultural action programs; promoting the reflection about the three decades of the war and its impacts on the material cultural heritage; establishing the bases to create a data bank of the cultural sector; and contributing to the production and democratization of culture .

At the opening of the Symposium, the President of Angola, José Eduardo dos Santos , stated that "with the conquest of peace, the country is presently able to work with great dynamism for the development of national culture". He emphasized that the Angola cultural policy is related to all aspects of the country's cultural life and he proposed concrete initiatives for the development of artistic creation and the preservation of collective memory. In addition, Angolan cultural policy conciliates traditional culture with the access to the modernity of new agents and creators of culture in different areas: music, dance, literature and oral tradition, theatre, cinema, plastic arts and sculpture, folklore and handcraft, historical sites and monuments, museums, archives, libraries, and palaces of Culture.

According to the President of Angola, the support given by the State to the materialization of this cultural policy is fundamental, especially concerning the creation of cultural infrastructures, executive training, development of cultural legislation about donations, intellectual property rights, international register of traditional musical instruments, and development of cooperation and international exchanges. To this purpose, he added, it is necessary to elaborate a series of decrees related to arts, show business, cinema and audiovisual. These decrees must establish the standard regulatory framework and the State's support measures to the sector, as well as «create the conditions that allow people's access to new opportunities of cultural joy and to the pluralism of cultural creation».

Thus, the Ministry of Culture of Angola will implement the Cultural Action Program, aimed at making more dynamic "cultural associativeness" as well as disseminating techniques during the five year period of 2007-2012. Priority will be given to projects within the sectors of artistic production, cultural institutions, register of cultural expressions and traditional arts, on one hand; and to the expansion of musical production industry, incentive to reading, register of arts and crafts schools, art production and valorization, on the other hand. Finally, priority will also be given to the stimulation of artistic and cultural practices. The objective is to engage all the Angolan society in the preservation, enhancement and development of cultural industries .

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