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The impact of digital technologies on cultural policies: "The outbreak of new broadcasting platforms creates numerous challenges" – 2006/09/01

In this issue of our Bulletin, we return on this event touched upon in our previous issue. Indeed, the Technology Showcase — Montréal 2006 was the occasion for the Québec Minister of Culture and Communications Mrs Line Beauchamp to undertake reflections around the impact of digital technologies on cultural policies. This day of information on the most recent digital technologies intended for her counterparts responsible for Culture and Heritage in Canada was used for preparing the federal, provincial and territorial meeting on the arts and technology which will take place on September 29 in Toronto in order to bring the ministers of Culture and Heritage to coordinate Governmental approaches in the sector of the digital technologies and to adjust Government support programs with the era of rapid spreading out of new broadcasting platforms.

Before a hundred or so creators and researchers, gathered under the care of the Society for Arts and Technology (SAT) and who attended the immersion session organized by this one, Minister Beauchamp explained that "We are summoned by the outbreak of new broadcasting platforms in the culture sector. But no country in the world holds a clear business plan regarding the new digital tools". The Minister notably recognized that opportunities created by these new fields for technological application could not but raise apprehensions: "New digital technologies raise many questions of concern to creators and producers first and foremost, but also to those responsible for the application of the cultural policies in our country and especially in Québec". Indeed, she emphasized, the rapid spreading out of new broadcasting platforms brings up three major challenges: defining all the elements of the cultural line must be done anew, in creation, in production and in broadcasting; it is necessary to examine the consequences of new broadcasting platforms on the business plans and on Governmental assistance; finally, respect of intellectual property and of copyright must be ensured.

Doing this, Minister Beauchamp declared that this multiplying would force Governments to adapt their financing modes of the different culture industries while closely supervising the protection of copyrights. According to the Minister, the main question to solve is the following: "How to ensure the intellectual property and copyright protection in a constantly opening digital environment?". Our major responsibility consists in remaining within the parade and being aware of what’s going on, of understanding thoroughly, declared Minister Beauchamp.

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