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The UNESCO Convention on the diversity of cultural expressions: Canada increases pressures for its coming into effect in 2007 – 2006/08/25

How will Quebecois and Canadians use digital technologies in a near future? What possibilities do these technological innovations offer to cultural promoters? What will be the results of digital distribution in the movie industry? What do telepresence or immersive projection mean? How will these innovations have an influence on artistic practices? Those are but a few of the questions to which the Canadian ministers responsible for Culture and Heritage meeting in Montréal are trying to answer, on August 31 on the occasion of the Technology Showcase — Montréal 2006, under the theme: Imagine our Culture in the Future!

This event, organized by the Society for Arts and Technology and presented by the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec in collaboration with the Department of Canadian Heritage, aims at demonstrating that the potential of the most recent digital technologies and their impact on artists’ work, industries and cultural policies. To the Quebec Minister of Culture and Communications Mrs Line Beauchamp, who inherited from her counterparts the presidency of the Committee responsible for examining this project during the federal, provincial and territorial meeting of the ministers responsible for the culture and the heritage of Canada, held last year in Banff (Alberta), this meeting will allow « to initiate a reflection as to the impacts that such changes could have on our cultural policies ». We will return to this event in our next issue.


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