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Cultural Diversity and Globalization: What Issues Exist for Audiovisual Services? 2006/06/17

An international symposium on "Cultural Diversity and Globalization: What Issues Exist for Audiovisual Services?" was held on June 16 in Rabat, Morocco with the participation of several experts. Initiated by the Moroccan minister of communications in cooperation with the Aziz Bilal study and research centre (CERAB) and the Université Laval de Québec’s world trade research group, the aim of this meeting, doing double duty to discuss cultures and civilizations and protect cultural diversity, was to initiate thought on a new approach to cultural diversity and globalization from an audiovisual services standpoint.

The participants debated globalization and cultural diversity, some international experiences in this field through public policies and the state of things in Morocco across judicial and constitutional mechanisms, in addition to mechanisms related to the activities of civil society. Meeting challenges in the audiovisual sector in the framework of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions’ eventual application (adopted last October 20) Aziza Bennani, ambassador and permanent delegate of Morocco to UNESCO, reminded the participants of Morocco’s commitment to defending cultural diversity. She notably pointed out that developing countries should, in the era of globalization, take advantage of this Convention to develop their cultural industries and master media techniques, while stressing that cooperation and constructive dialogue between the cultures essentially require respect for cultural diversity as the best means of coexistence, mutual respect and solidarity. The Moroccan minister of culture, Mohamed Achâari, emphasized the need for a debate on the implementation of policies dealing with the protection and development of cultural diversity. In his opinion, the continuity of literary production, for example, which remains dependent on the protection and preservation of cultural diversity, requires activating mechanisms to implement the future Convention, on the one hand, and implementing national policies to defend the national cultural product, on the other.

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