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To guarantee pluralism, against media concentration and financing, 2006/05/17

In this text, published by the Observatoire des médias (ACRIMED), Henri Maler states that media concentration does not stop accelerating and giving the media as a whole a particular dynamics: through its scope, and especially looking for the maximum profit and/or political intervention, which serve as its motors.

Describing the different forms of concentration: mono-media or intramedia concentrations (like the ones we find on the written press), multimedia or intermedia concentrations, conglomerate formation (including edition, sports or tourism enterprises, when it is not the aviation or construction industry), concentrations supported notably by technological convergence of the audiovisual and telecommunication sectors and strengthened by the multiplication of cross-alliances between the groups, the author argues that these "financed concentrations" compromise pluralism. He asks to discover the reasons for this situation and mentions some solutions.

According to him, the defense of pluralism includes the implementation of legislative measures and provisions that aim, directly and indirectly, at limiting the “financed concentrations” and reinforcing the non-profit media and the rights of journalists and employees. Finally, he states that the adoption of these measures (defensive and prospective at the same time), even if they just serve to accomplish this goal, is part of the perspective of a democratic transformation of the media.

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