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Trends in audiovisual markets in the South, 2006/06/09

A set of research studies on current audiovisual trends in the world has just been published within the framework of UNESCO's project “Harnessing ICTs for the audio-visual industry and public service broadcasting in developing countries”.

This project postulates that while developing countries are facing crucial decisions affecting the broadcasting and audio-visual industry, today’s pillar for information and cultural exchange, policy and decision makers in these countries may sometimes lack the necessary tools to adequately inform their choices and strategies. Moreover, the project went beyond the areas and themes traditionally covered by each sector (e.g. media development, cultural industries and enterprises), and introduced a new, intersectoral dimension into the programme, by analyzing the impact of international trade on the audiovisual industry and its effects on local cultural expression.

In other respects, the research conducted under this project provides an overview of the main trends in the broadcasting and audiovisual industry worldwide, with a focus on regional patterns of production, consumption and trade in Africa, Asia and Latin America. The sample of countries was selected so as to represent contrasted audiovisual landscapes. Parallel to the publication of the research result, UNESCO organized a series of regional workshops in Bogotá, Singapore and Dakar, where the findings of the studies were shared and discussed with key groups in the three regions, and where a dialogue was encouraged among stakeholders.

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