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Culture industries at the time of digitalization, 2006/05/17

The magazine Esprit , in its May 2006 issue, devotes an important document to the stakes of new technologies: What's next with the digital? Laurent Sorbier, a former advisor on the information society to the French Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin, signs its introduction with " When the digital revolution is not virtual any longer. ", in which he recalls trivialization of new technologies.

On her part, Joëlle Farchy, an economist, a member of the Matisse Paris-I Research Centre and of the Higher Council for literary and artistic ownership, in her text " Culture industries at the time of digitalization" , underlines that even if copyright and maintaining rules of payment for creation are being reaffirmed by law, the extent of the challenge to which culture industries are being confronted must be understood in the light of digitalization. In her view, not only access to, exchange and reproduction have become more technically simple, but also the entire creation of value is being questioned within culture industries.

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